Who Are We

It starts in 2010, the company has grown from a small social news websites for current events upstart. Immerse into worldwide news organization for a generation of news consumers looking for something new. With headquarters in Hawaii, we give our daily news and blogs both in local and international. We have reporters across the nations and in other countries such as The United States Of America, Hongkong, China, other parts of Europe. We do not just give a report for the sake of content on our blogs. But with an honest and clear report to give with accurate current news to deliver to all of our readers local and international. We give important value on the career that we are taking. Because we know how important our job to the people around the world.


Hence, journalism has a big part in society, able to express our rights to know and rights to tell what we know. In effect, our site has grown to be the trusted blogs and news in local and international viewers. We do not just cover on the type of news but also other news such as entertainment, sports, and educations. As well as, science and technology.


Our mission is to deliver the best world news sites that cover what you care about. We give big stories that hold major institutions accountable for their actions and expose injustices that change people’s lives.


We see ourselves to be a foreign news site that covers exclusive and accurate details to our readers around the world.


We receive awards from the coverage news that we deliver in our local news. And just recently, we receive an award for our international news. We will keep on doing what we know right in reporting without compromising. Honest and truth always in our content that will give honest information to all of our viewers. We also encourage our viewers to share a comment to us for and give also some insight from the news that we give.